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Multimedia & Design

Multimedia is not more media, but the employment of various kinds of media (and hybrid media) for what they each offer to advance the narrative.

Quality Ensured, and Success Assured

Multimedia web designs use a wide variety of images and audio-visuals, VFX effects, 3D perspectives, with AI models to bring virtual designs to real life. Multimedia design is often meant to be a proxy of the virtual world, using 2D and/or 3D assets to render impressive content.


Multimedia designs allow for a much higher level of interaction, primarily because it is less restrictive than any other form of design. You may use static content, animated graphics, and VFX-enabled dynamic assets in your design, and unlock a limitless world of possibilities.

Services @ Finnapps Oy

System Definition

Before developing a multimedia presentation or program, it is worthy to be cognizant of the level of knowledge and the expectations of the target audience. Also, it is important to define the goals, objectives, the type of presentation required, and the time to complete a design.

System Design

The most popular way to initiate a design is by drafting an outline of the sequence, and collections of information that will eventually emerge on the screen. This outlines the amount of information-text, graphics, clickable objects which will be displayed on every screen.

Tools Selection

The multimedia product needs many kinds of software tools, for instance, building text often wants a word processor; going with digital images wants graphics software; using video wants a video-capture program and editing software; sound often wants its editing software.


After the building of all the contents, it is expected to put them all collectively. For complex content, a product is created with the use of an advanced tool such as a director, multimedia authoring, usually is managed by an expert multimedia developer or programmer.


The multimedia solutions developed at Finnapps are extensively tested, to ensure that we deliver on our promises and that too with our signature of quality. Our media testing services offer testing for LVDS, HDMI, and DVI measurements; to ensure support for all new-generation multimedia and broadcasting products such as flat screens and TVs, digital TV set-top boxes, printed circuit boards, etc.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

The increase of smartphones, tablets & other mobile devices is remodeling the manner the way users interact with your website. We focused on the cutting-edge progressions in our industry, the place where trends & technology meet. We pride ourselves on creating unique user experiences.

Custom Content Management

We understand that it should be simple to renew your website content, however, our foremost intention is to design content management that goes with your organization's workflow. We assist you to design your content, goods, and inventory tailored to your organization.

SEO & SEM Monitoring

We can assist you to manage all the metrics that matter with a digital marketing dashboard. This influential mechanism enables you to observe the consequences of your online marketing efforts in real-time. Track backlinks, monitor search performance in Google social media, examine your competition, and integrate metrics data

Our Value Proposition

Optimal Quality

Our delivery process focuses on every minute detail of the project and its quality parameters. Our delivery model enables us to monitor, measure the quality attributes of an engagement and manage the same itratively.

On-Schedule Delivery

We understand the importance of time in business is no less than that of money. Our delivery teams meticulously plan the project roadmap, identify the delay risks ahead in time and ensure on-time delivery.

Equipped for Change

Change is an inevitable reality for enterprises in business eco-systems; therefore we take agility to heart, and implement agile programming practices through the delivery lifecycle of every engagement.

Human Centric Approach

We carefully study the human and system interactions within your enterprise, and design systems that augment human productivity in the business processes within.

Focus on Documentation

We understand the importance of documentation, and the support that it renders in keep track of all aspects of a deliverable, and also enhancing the maintainability of the system

Care for Relationship

We position ourselves as partners in your transformation and growth journey. We take pride in reflecting this principle with our unparallel after sales and delivery support.

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