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Custom Software Development

We offer a comprehensive array of services to support organizations all along with their transformation and growth journey.

Quality Ensured, and Success Assured

We specialize in helping you derive the most out of your IT investments, by carefully studying the human and system interactions within your enterprise and designing systems that complement and augment productivity in the business processes within. At Finnapps, we offer custom software and mobile application development services; with a flawless blend of craftsmanship, engineering, and our human-centric approach; which is implemented by our vibrant and inspiring team of technologists and experienced software delivery, management professionals.


We constantly strive to deliver the most reliable software solutions, marked with innovation,
usage of advanced technologies, and cloud enablement strategies to accommodate each clients’
unique business requirements.

Development Approach @ Finnapps Oy

Feasibility Analysis

The feasibility analysis stage is about validating the possibility and ability for developing the envisioned system.


The planning phase outlines the abstract need for the system and outlines a very high-level timeline for the project

Requirement Definition

A critical step wherein we analyze, determine and document the envisioned system's functional and non-functional requirements

System Designing

A step in the lifecycle wherein the envisioned system's technology stack is identified; then the system's architecture models are evolved.

Coding & Development

Based on the approved architecture and design, the programmers start to compose the code, that converts the envisioned system into a reality.

Quality Assurance

Once a system has been developed, we ensure that it meets every requirement that was promised, through a series of quality verification phases.


Deployment is the last mile that needs to be covered. In this phase, we ensure that the system is installed and made available to your end-users for regular use.

Support & Maintenance

As we claim ourselves to be your partners in success, we ensure that our responsibility does not end after delivering the solution to you.

Our Value Proposition

Optimal Quality

Our delivery process focuses on every minute detail of the project and its quality parameters. Our delivery model enables us to monitor, measure the quality attributes of an engagement and manage the same itratively.

On-Schedule Delivery

We understand the importance of time in business is no less than that of money. Our delivery teams meticulously plan the project roadmap, identify the delay risks ahead in time and ensure on-time delivery.

Equipped for Change

Change is an inevitable reality for enterprises in business eco-systems; therefore we take agility to heart, and implement agile programming practices through the delivery lifecycle of every engagement.

Human Centric Approach

We carefully study the human and system interactions within your enterprise, and design systems that augment human productivity in the business processes within.

Focus on Documentation

We understand the importance of documentation, and the support that it renders in keep track of all aspects of a deliverable, and also enhancing the maintainability of the system

Care for Relationship

We position ourselves as partners in your transformation and growth journey. We take pride in reflecting this principle with our unparallel after sales and delivery support.

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