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Business on Cloud Our cloud centric practices enable enterprises to take their business applications on the cloud, without any hassle. Customer Centric Delivery Process Our delivery process focuses on every minute detail of the project and its quality parameters, while also ensuring on schedule delivery.

Transforming business ideas with technology

About Us

We at Finnapps support enterprises to grow in their transformation journey by introducing improvement as an essential element within their business processes, and exploring innovative approaches, thus enabling scalable success

Our Mission

At Finnapps our mission is to support the business with building and expanding their IT solutions, with a consistent focus on business value derivation and to expand leading-edge solutions in technology.

Our Vision

We at Finnapps share a common vision of positioning ourselves as global leaders in business solutions and IT enablement, and we are rightly poised to accomplish this with a team of professionals.

Our Goals

We at Finnaps focuses on three significant elements, firstly meeting project requirements to the minute details. Secondly on-schedule delivery. Thirdly maintaining the highest quality with the deliverables.

Our Products

Finnapps Restaurant Application

Finnapps restaurant application connects people with the best tastes in their cities. The application enables delivery of food at the doorsteps, from an ever-evolving collection of renowned and top reviewed restaurants, which is derived based on geo-location parameters.

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Finnapps Job Portal

Finnapps job portal connects various contractual job seekers with their potential clients, thus enabling the generation of employment and proving an avenue of continuous opportunities.

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Fin24Taxi Application

Applying cutting-edge software technology, we created the Fin24Taxi application which is a very comprehensive cloud-based cab booking and fleet management platform, that is sure to transform a transportation service business.

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Requirement Collation

Our skilled team of business analysts leaves no stone unturned while capturing system requirements and implements a stakeholder-focused approach to ensure a holistic understanding of the context.

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Design & Development

Our design and development processes are based upon a well-thought and defined maturity model, which enables us to deliver consistency with every assignment.

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Quality of Deliverables

Quality is one of the value pillars at the core of Finnapps. We understand the importance of quality in ensuring customer delight and focus upon it across our operations and delivery model.

Our Services

We specialize in helping you derive the most out of your IT investments, by carefully studying the human and system interactions within your enterprise and designing systems that compliment and augment productivity in the business processes within.

At Finnapps, we offer custom software and mobile application development services; with a flawless blend of craftsmanship, engineering, and our human-centric approach; implemented a vibrant team of technologists and experienced software delivery, management professionals.

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At Finnapps, we render eLearning services and software to address your learning needs, with the latest in digital learning technologies like interactive online contents, 3D simulations, etc. Our eLearning solutions are amazingly simple, manageable, scalable, easy to use.

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At Finnapps, our dedicated Multimedia and UI/UX team specializes in designing crisp infographics, intuitive application interfaces, and interactive contents. We implement innovative methods, out-of-box thinking backed with meticulous planning and research to ensure our customer delight.

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At Finnapps we implement the best of industry standards when it comes to testing our deliverables. Our delivery team used a framework like selenium to automate and test web browser interaction.

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At Finnapps, we believe in attaining a detailed resolution for more reliable results, hence we perform diagnostic analytics so that we can study from the history and work towards a competitive future.

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At Finnapps, we assist you to communicate with the target audience, on the appropriate device at a suitable time, with compelling creatives that drive decisions, which help you in achieving your goals.

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Mika Salminen
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(Communication Consulting)

Message from CEO

Our company possesses an intense history of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions and mobile applications that transform the approach one communicates and participates in the current age. I am blessed to work with a skilled group of extremely talented, motivated, faithful, and experienced people.
Finnapps is a private company where we work as a team with honour, respect, and dignity and strive hard to develop the communities.
We are an exemplary partner to develop Custom Solutions with unprecedented approaches
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