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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

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We @ Finnapps Oy

We at Finnapps support enterprises to grow in their transformation journey by introducing improvement as an essential element within their business processes and exploring innovative approaches, thus enabling scalable success. We reduce development risk for our clients by implementing the agile development methodology, user and functionality-focused designing, and a code that is based on the philosophy of reusable assets, to get solutions to market quickly. Our approach is fast, flexible, and collaborative for creating innovative digital products for clients.

Why @ Finnapps Oy

Are you thinking of building a cloud-based mobile application or enterprise software for your business? Rendering a moral business partnership has always been one of our principal goals. We have a great trail of successful partnerships, as we have an influential business network and profitable tie-ups with business partners. Our partnership deal is based on common trust, a common perception, and professional honesty. We aim to secure an ongoing common understanding. So, let’s begin operating and meet challenges together, as a team.

You Can Join Us As

Technology Partners

Finnaps can assist you with professional and trained software development services at the best price, if you lack in-house resources, or do not have resources for the particular requirement.

Business & Sales Partners

The sales partner will be representative of Finnapps who plays an important position as a Business Executive that creates qualified & confirmed business sales lead which is led to Fnnapps.

Referral Partner

Referral Partners refers to possible sales leads to Finnaps. The partner’s role is confined to providing a reference of his contacts who have likely business lead or an opportunity.

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You can call or write to us to know as well as ask more on our partnership program.

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