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Process Automation Using Selenium

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Selenium is created to automate web browser communication. Originally it writes scripts for end-users that might take on your website. Testing site functionality is extremely rapid than one could do it manually. A short Selenium test validates that the browser can upload a page while a more complex test could automate a complete course from log-in to end part. Selenium is a freely available (open source) automated testing framework applied to authenticate cloud applications over different browsers and platforms.


One can apply various programming languages like Java, C#, Python, etc. to build Selenium Test Scripts. Once the testing is executed using the Selenium testing tool is referred to as Selenium


Selenium Software is not only a single tool but a set of software, every piece support various Selenium QA testing requirements of an organization.

Basic Steps of Selenium Tests

Creating WebDriver Interface

The WebDriver interface is the origin point for all applications of the Selenium WebDriver API. Design an instance of the WebDriver interface applying a constructor for a specific web browser.

Navigating the Layout

The next step is to navigate the Web page one wants to test. This is done by invoking the get method on the different instances of the WebDriver interface, particularly on the driver variable.

Locating an Element

To communicate with a web page, one must first locate the HTML elements on the web page, then execute actions on those elements, such as inserting text (for text input elements) or clicking (for button elements).

Performing Interactions

The next step is to interact with HTML elements. One act on an HTML element by invoking an action method on an instance of the Web Element interface.

Anticipating the Response

Simulating human interactions onto a browser with an intelligent response. WebDriver API supports two techniques for anticipating browser response that is implicit explicit waits.

Running the Tests

Running tests is the final goal of your test script. One can run tests in an automated test script to analyze function and performance in the AUT, without needing human intrudes.

Recording the Results

Recording of test results can be executed in several methods, backed by the test framework or by a logging framework for the programming language, or by both together.

Concluding the Test

One can conclude a test by invoking the quit method on an instance of the WebDriver interface. The quit method terminates the test by disposing of resources.

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