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Diagnostic Analytics

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In today’s advanced technology, dangers are sneaking throughout, and despite all the safety measures we are never sure about the threats and vulnerabilities that exist. The gap or a cyber event that takes the effective advantage of your business from the throat and begins squeezing. The diagnostic analysis is a particular type of scientific technique applying which the data is evaluated and examined properly to find out what occurred or caused a particular cyber breach.


Various techniques are applied for knowing or deriving data for it to be examined properly. Some of these techniques include; data discovery,drill-down, data mining, and correlations. All of these might be used or it is not obligatory to use all of them for performing diagnostic analysis.

Types of Diagnostic Analysis

Balanced Scorecard

Concentrates on four-pointers, including customer aspect, internal business methods, learning and growth, and financials to observe advancement toward the organization's imperative objectives.

Business Process Reengineering

Strives to enhance performance by completely re-designing the organization's structures, methods, and processes that comprise commencing over from the ground up.

Management by Objectives

Strives to regulate subordinate objectives goals and everywhere in the organization. Employees receive influential data to identifying their objectives, timelines for completion, etc.

Outcome-Based Evaluation

The method involves outcomes to achieve with a particular target market, associate pointers as measures for each of those outcomes, and then bring out the measures to estimate the number of results attained.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is to identify strategic management, including vision, mission, values, and overall goals. This is implemented by tracking multi-level goals, objectives, timelines, and responsibilities.

Total Quality Management

Management practices everywhere in the organization to assure the organization matches customer requirements. Focus on process measurement and controls as means of constant development.

Quality Management

Concentrates on assuring to offer the best quality of products and services to customers. That includes diagnosing flaws in the projects and actions to avoid those errors.

Cultural Change

Strives to regulate the organizational transformation that is a radical and basic form of change. Cultural change entails changing the norms, beliefs, basic values, etc., inside an organization.

Our Value Proposition

Optimal Quality

Our delivery process focuses on every minute detail of the project and its quality parameters. Our delivery model enables us to monitor, measure the quality attributes of an engagement and manage the same itratively.

On-Schedule Delivery

We understand the importance of time in business is no less than that of money. Our delivery teams meticulously plan the project roadmap, identify the delay risks ahead in time and ensure on-time delivery.

Equipped for Change

Change is an inevitable reality for enterprises in business eco-systems; therefore we take agility to heart, and implement agile programming practices through the delivery lifecycle of every engagement.

Human Centric Approach

We carefully study the human and system interactions within your enterprise, and design systems that augment human productivity in the business processes within.

Focus on Documentation

We understand the importance of documentation, and the support that it renders in keep track of all aspects of a deliverable, and also enhancing the maintainability of the system

Care for Relationship

We position ourselves as partners in your transformation and growth journey. We take pride in reflecting this principle with our unparallel after sales and delivery support.

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