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The Fin24Taxi Application

Gain big and step into the market within no time, with a cab booking and fleet management solution, that fits all your business needs right out of the box.

Cab service business, upon the clouds.

Applying cutting-edge software technology, we created the Fin24Taxi application which is a very comprehensive cloud-based cab booking and fleet management platform, that is sure to transform a transportation service business. The application offers intuitive access, functional reporting, and supports in-application payments to enable easy life on the go.


Here is an enlistment for the features that Fin24Taxi offers –


  • Different applications for drivers and customers.
  • Intuitive reservation panel for customers.
  • Quick and easy onboarding of fleet and drivers.
  • Real-time job assignment and tracking.
  • Billing, financial accounting, and reporting.
  • Enables payments using credit cards and internet banking.
  • and many more…

Application Variants

Admin Module

The Fin24Taxi administration console is a comprehensive web portal that connects the fleet management and control center of a cab service provider business to its team of drivers. It broadly offers the following features

  • Quick and easy on-boarding of fleet and crew
  • Central access and control over the fleet
  • Reservation management
  • Real-time accounting
  • Alerts and messaging

Driver's Application

The Fin24Taxi Drivers module is a cloud-based mobile application that connects drivers with the administrator, and the assigned customers (riders). It broadly offers the following features -

  • Notifying the drivers about assignments.
  • Rendering a real-time map, with all the needed information –
    • The customer’s pick-up location
    • The driver’s current location
    • Important landmarks in the vicinity
  • Managing work status.
  • Calculation of fares and invoicing.
  • Reporting daily driver earnings.

Rider's Module

The Fin24Taxi Riders module is a cloud-based mobile application that connects a taxi service provider business to the customer. Following are some salient features of the application.

  • Reserve or book a taxi ride.
  • Track a booking and locate the taxi.
  • Pay for a ride service online.
  • Provide a customer review that counts.

Salient Product Features

Our products are made with private and public cloud enablement in mind.

Designed For Scalability

The solution is designed and ready to grow itself, along with the growth of your business.

Intuitive Design

The solutions are developed with a human-centric approach with productivity in mind.

We safeguard your business and its critical data with industry-acclaimed application

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